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Drop Not Retractable Golf Lanyard

Never Lose Your Head Cover When Out On The Course

A Drop Not lanyard looks discreet while making sure your golf club head covers stay within easy reach.


They are super easy to attach, the clasp attaches to your head cover designed with plastic teeth to not tear or damage the material. Then attach the cable twist ring to your bag, ideally around a handle, cord or hook to be most secure, and twist the lock to fasten.


They are also designed to be able to fix together, so the other cover heads still on the golf clubs act as the anchor.

Why should you buy a Drop Not Retractable Lanyard?​


Retractable cord up to 37 inches made from extremely strong UHMWPE cord.


Designed to be able to hold weights of up to 4oz.

No Damage

Clasp designed to hold materials up to 3/8 inch think, with plastic teeth so not to damage material.

Easy to Use

Easy to connect twist lock cable ring.

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