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What's the Right Size Golf Glove For You?

Our golf gloves offer custom-fit qualities ensuring a perfect fit for your hands while maintaining their shape over time. Our glove sizes are designed to fit most hand sizes, except for those that are extra-small or extra-large. If you’re not sure then our sizing chart below can better help you find the right fit for optimal performance out on the course.

Ladies Golf Glove Sizes

  • Small - Ladies XS
  • Medium - Ladies One-Size
  • Large - Ladies One-Size
  • X-Large - Gents One-Size

Gents Golf Glove Sizes

  • X-Small - Ladies-One Size
  • Small - Gents One-Size
  • Medium - Gents One-Size
  • Large - Gents One-Size
  • X-Large - Gents X-Large
  • XX-Large - Gents XX-Large

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