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Who Are CopperTech?

CopperTech Golf is the UK and Europe based business that has the sole rights for the sales of Coppertech Gloves, gloves that were designed/invented in the US where they are fast becoming one of the best-selling gloves.

CopperTech gloves originated in the US where they are rapidly become the most popular gloves due to the amazing and unique qualities provided by their new technology.

Black Coppertech Glove
Copper Tech Glove Slider
Mens Coppertech Glove in Black
Mens White Coppertech Glove

Why Choose Copper Tech™ Golf Gloves?

This amazing new golf glove offers golfers so many wonderful qualities that it is destined to change the golf glove forever. The unique qualities include:

Better Grip

The gloves’ non-slip patented spider weave technology provides golfers with extra, better grip throughout their swing enabling them to grip the club more softly with less tension which provides them with more feel and control. It also improves slip resistance even in wet conditions.

Excellent Durability

Excellent Durability

The non-slip technology also reduces wear and gives the gloves greater durability and our feedback indicates that they can last up to three longer than leather gloves. This makes them both beneficial and cost-effective.

Form Fit Comfort

Form Fit Comfort

Each glove is made with form flex technology designed with a compression fit so that one size fits almost all although extra small and extra large gloves are available. The form fit ensures the gloves maintain their size throughout so unlike leather gloves they do not stretch.

Pain support

Pain Support

The copper-infused technology can help soothe hand aches and pains and problems such as those caused by arthritis - the medical study we conducted and feedback received confirms that the technology greatly helps those who have hand problems that make golf difficult and painful.

Great value gloves

Value for Money

Our retail price is in line with other premium gloves, this means you get great value for money considering just how long the gloves last and unlike leather gloves maintain their amazing and innovative qualities that will help you improve your golf game.

Machine washable

Machine Washable

Unlike leather and golf gloves you can keep ours nice and clean as they are even machine washable. Just ensure you wash them on a low temperature to reduce the risk of any shrinking.


Here are just some of the many wonderful compliments we have been paid not only for the quality of our gloves but also the wonderful customer service we provide.

The gloves fit perfectly! I am so please and so is my wife! (Mothers Day Present). Thank you for the gloves and the amazing customer service. I will definitely purchase again!
R Lacey
I was desperate for a new golf glove as the Arthritis in my hands was really hampering my game. These gloves help my grip enormously and I can enjoy my golf once more!
The benefits of copper in treating and preventing infection as well as being a homeopathic remedy for arthritis are well known. It should therefore come as no surprise, that the Copper Tech Glove by Pocketec provides comfortable, supportive hand and finger support and protection with a great grip for the club. I wear one on each hand and highly recommend this glove.
John L
Having been in professional golf for half a century, there are very few truly unique new products that excite me. The Coppertech glove is certainly one of them. Apart from the health benefits and the comfort of the gloves, they allow the player to maintain a secure hold of the club without having to grip too tight, which in my experience is one of the most common faults of many golfers. All my pupils who’ve used the glove absolutely love it and say they will never go back to any other type.
Nigel Blenkarne
PGA Master Professional

Meet the Team

Simon Hawkins

Simon Hawkins

Simon is an Old Millfieldian who lives in Aberdovey. A golf professional in his youth, he then became a top property sales person in the new homes industry before forming his own very successful property company.


Simon is the publisher of the highly-acclaimed book for senior golfers Now for the Back Nine he co-wrote with Ryder Cup golfer Peter Dawson. He is married to Chemo Cookery Club author Penny Ericson.


Simon discovered the gloves in the US and was amazed how they helped his game by gripping the club softer and also eased the peripheral neurology caused by his many chemotherapy lessons back in 2010.

Nigel Blenkarne

PGA Master Professional

In a career spanning almost 50 years Nigel has practiced in all aspects of Professional Golf.

He held a full European Tour Card for 5 years and was Head Pro & Director of Golf at some of the South West’s most prestigious clubs including Dorset gem Parkstone & the Bowood Hotel and Golf Resort in Wiltshire.

During the last 30 years Nigel has carved a reputation as one of the Country’s top coaches and for 8 years was England Golf Coach to the 6 Counties of the South West working with the best young amateur golfers.

With huge experience of helping golfers of all abilities to improve and enjoy the great game of golf to the maximum. coaching style is simple to understand and is totally results focused; He gets a tremendous buzz from seeing every pupil improve their game.

In 2006 Nigel became only the 15th Professional to gain the top award of PGA Master Professional in recognition of his wide ranging achievements in golf.

Nigel Blenkarne